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Escape from Victory (Dublin Trilogy 7.5) – Novella

Escape from Victory (Dublin Trilogy 7.5) – Novella

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Sunday mornings are not supposed to be this stressful.

The St Jude’s Under-12s hurling team has a match against a hated opponent and their manager, one Bunny McGarry, has made an ill-judged wager on the outcome. His dignity is now relying on the worst team anyone has ever seen, turning around a losing streak that feels like it’s lasted longer than World War I only with not as many light-hearted moments.

As if that wasn’t enough, it turns out crime doesn’t take weekends off either, and when duty calls, sometimes you have to bring a minibus full of pre-teen delinquents with you.

Escape from Victory is a novella (book 7.5) in the Amazon bestselling, critically acclaimed and numerically infuriating Dublin Trilogy.

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