Welcome to Nowhere – Audiobook

Welcome to Nowhere – Audiobook

McFori Ink

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  • Narrated by Morgan C Jones
  • Length 9 hours and 49 mins
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A little revenge never hurt anybody....

When a gambling debt puts him between a rock and a swim in the Hudson with concrete shoes, Smithy has no choice but to take the worst job imaginable. The gig - as prey in a leprechaun hunt for a bunch of Wall Street jerks - goes as badly as it sounds. He could leave it there and write it off as a harsh lesson learned, but 14 months later when Smithy comes up with a plan to take his revenge on the man behind it all, it is too good to resist. 

What is it they say about best-laid plans? Instead of teaching his nemesis, Louis, a valuable lesson, Smithy ends up saving him from an assassin. From there, Smith and his friend Diller are dragged into his opponent’s messed-up world. Louis is part of "the Collectors", a group with way more money than sense dedicated to the competitive acquisition of truly one-of-a-kind items that define the secret history of the world.

When one of the group’s members loses his marbles, Smithy and Diller find themselves shanghaied to Nowhere. A well-named location in the middle of the desert, where a madman is trying to build an army from the worst of mankind.

Welcome to Nowhere is a wild ride from the author renowned for the darkly comic thrills of the Dublin Trilogy series and the McGarry Stateside books. It is a stand-alone novel that is a perfect introduction to McDonnell’s blend of comedy and compelling story that is earning him a growing legion of loyal fans.  


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