Reading Order

There’s no right or wrong order to read the books in the Increasingly Inaccurately Titled Dublin Trilogy and McGarry Stateside Series, so the following is just a suggestion.

The Increasingly Inaccurately Titled Dublin Trilogy (Bunny McGarry)

If you prefer to read books in the order they are written then:

    • 1) A Man With One of Those Faces
    • 2) The Day That Never Comes
    • 3) Angels in the Moonlight
    • 4) Last Orders
    • 5) Dead Man’s Sins
    • 6) Firewater Blues
    • 7) The Family Jewels
    • 7.5) Escape from Victory (novella)

    If you like to read things chronologically then start with:

      • 1) Angels in the Moonlight
      • 2) Dead Man’s Sins
      • 3) Firewater Blues
      • 4) The Family Jewels
      • 4.5) Escape from Victory (novella)
      • 5) A Man With One of Those Faces
      • 6) The Day That Never Comes
      • 7) Last Orders

      McGarry Stateside (Bunny McGarry)

      This series features the one and only Bunny McGarry and a whole heap of new characters including Jackson Diller, whom my dogs are named after. Once again, the action follows on from Last Orders.

        • 1) Disaster Inc
        • 2) I Have Sinned 
        • 3) The Quiet Man
        • 4) Other Plans

      US Standalone

      Welcome to Nowhere -  Smithy and Diller get their own outing. This started life as a short story (Smithy's Revenge) and then morphed into a full blown book as so many of you wanted to what happened next. The action takes place between I Have Sinned and The Quiet Man.

      MCM Investigations (Brigit & Paul)

      These books feature Brigit, Paul, Phil, Jimmy Stewart and an adult Deccie and  follows on from Last Orders.

      I've kept things simple here.

        • The Final Game
        • Deccie Must Die

      I hope that clears things up. Here's a graphic thrown in for good measure.


      An image that shows the reading order of all of Caimh's books.


      The Stranger Times (Banecroft, Hannah, Grace, Stella and co)

      This is a new series by me written as C.K. McDonnell. Different genre but the same type of characters that you'll come to know and love.

        • The Stranger Times
        • This Charming Man
        • Love Will Tear Us Apart
        • Relight My Fires (Jan 24)