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The Family Jewels (Dublin Trilogy 7)

The Family Jewels (Dublin Trilogy 7)

McFori Ink

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Bah Humbug!

He's made a list and he's checking it twice. Bunny's going to find out who's a gobshite.

It’s almost Christmas and Bunny McGarry is not in the festive spirit. His mood is not improved when an old friend becomes the victim of a violent assault and, for reasons he can’t understand, the police force he is a member of has decided not to investigate. Getting to the bottom of the case ends up putting him on the wrong side of some powerful people. How does all of this involve an Italian heiress who has disappeared? Why is the commissioner of the Gardai no longer in charge? And why is a certain teenage boy on the rampage swearing bloody vengeance?

Strap in as things are about to get seriously festive and the big fella is taking no prisoners.

Some people have no appreciation of the fundamentals of the Christmas game.

The Family Jewels is book seven in the Amazon bestselling, critically acclaimed and numerically infuriating Dublin Trilogy. 

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